We produce high-quality custom metal products specific to exact customer specifications.  As a highly versatile and quality focused job shop, we consistently exceed our customer’s expectations in suppling thousands of various custom sheet metal products in a timely manner.  Whether your project is a large or small, complex or simple, unique or common, we are eager to help.


Whether your project requires Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tack, or Spray Arc welding, our skilled craftsmen can complete it.  From controlling potential heat transfer warpage in every grade of stainless steel to rigorous compliance with certified weld procedures, our team of professionals can serve you.  We specialize in complex TIG welding and employ industry leading TIG welding craftsmen.  We weld almost any type of steel (stainless, carbon, aluminum, copper, etc.) and can provide the final finish your project needs.


We utilize heavy-duty, high-capacity shearing and plasma hand cutting equipment to precisely cut your projects metal to your exact requirements.  If it’s one cut you need or one hundred, we can get your project on our production schedule.   From ¼ inch carbon steel to 3/16 inch stainless steel, plastics, or fiberglass, we can meet your sheering and cutting needs.     


We employ state-of-the-art CNC punching equipment to meet the exacting requirements of our customer’s projects.  We utilize a wide assortment of punches, dies, and specialized tools to complete jobs with high-speed and quick turnaround in a low cost environment.   For many projects, time on a high-definition laser table can be costly and may require lead times that you just don’t have.  Our skilled craftsmen know when and how to employ punching or other fabrication methods to a project to maximize quality and control prices.


We utilize a 12 foot, 250 ton CNC press brake and a significant assortment of presses and dies, which allow us to accomplish the various bends, brakes, and angles that a project requires.  From simple brackets, small to large parts, to heavy duty projects, if the angle you need is possible, we can almost certainly make it happen.


If your project requires a milling process, we can help.   We employ our own excellent state-of-the-art milling equipment, and also utilize the services of other outstanding machine shops to get your project done in a one-stop environment.  


We provide several roll forming services from hand rolling to power roll forming.  We roll up to 5 foot widths and can provide the final form and finish you need.


We can help with your projects final surface features from painting and polishing to powder coating and galvanizing.  At the beginning of a project we carefully consider final finish needs to ensure that appropriate design, construction, and pre-finish surface preparation is accomplished to meet design and industry specifications.  Further, we partner with certified external suppliers who are outstanding in the powder coating and galvanizing industries to ensure that your project comes out right.